Integrated Multimodal Enrollment and Verification (I-MEV)


The I-MEV is a low-cost, mobile solution for rapid biometric enrollment, verification, and identification..


  • Fast and intuitive biometric (fingerprint, face & iris) and biographic enrollment
  • Creates standard EBTS files

    Build Your Gallery:

  • Supports import of I-MEV enrollments as well as external EFTS/EBTS formatted records
  • Database sizes can exceed 1 million records; extensible for large-scale operations

    Identify & Verify:

  • Performs fast biometric searches on fingerprint, face, or iris
  • Candidate list displays contextual information and photo indicating watch list flags
  • Can also match by 1D barcode or MRZ (passport)

    Applications Include:

  • Access Control
  • Civil Services
  • Time Clock
  • Border Control
  • Watch Lists
  • Payroll