Secure BRaVe™ Application

Secure Planet's Biometric Recognition and Verification (BRaVe™) Trial application enables users to perform biometric identification searches via their Android™ device.

This FREE application is now available for download on Google Play:


Application Description:

The BRaVe application allows users to collect and perform biometric searches of an individual’s face, FS88iris and fingerprint on a gallery of up to 20 user-collected enrollments. Enrollments are stored and matched on Secure Planet’s server. Barcode collection and matching is also supported.

Please note that fingerprint image collection requires an external fingerprint scanner and an external iris scanner is recommended for iris support.

Android devices must be capable of running in USB host mode to utilize an external fingerprint or iris scanner. Functionality is device dependent and some devices may not fully support the USB Host Mode feature. Contact Secure Planet for more information. Contact Secure Planet for assistance.


Local Matching Version:

Secure Planet has also developed a local matching version of the BRaVe application capable of enrolling and searching data locally on an Android phone or tablet.  This version requires no server and no Internet or 3G connection as all the data is stored directly on the device.  Please contact Secure Planet for pricing or to request an evaluation.




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