Biometric Identity Verifier (BIV)

The BIV is a low-cost, mobile solution for rapid biometric verification and identification, which includes a mobile workstation and a GSA approved finger print scanner.

Benefits Include:

  • Quickly/easily imports EFTS/EBTS formatted records
  • Simple, intuitive GUI minimizes training time
  • 1:N search of right index against master database
  • Candidate list displays name and/or photo to validate
  • Rapid response: ~6 seconds against 800k records
  • Database sizes can exceed 1 million records; easily extensible for large-scale operations
  • Database updates easily distributed using mobile data storage or available network connections

Applications Include:

  • Access Control
  • Civil Services
  • Time Clock
  • Border Control
  • Watch Lists
  • Payroll

Please contact us at (571) 393-1777 for pricing information.