Multiple Applications

Secure Planet’s biometric products provide customers with solutions for access control, time and attendance, identity management, and many other applications.

Our modular enterprise architecture for biometric verification can be rapidly sized for both small and large installations, and will positively identify persons, easily controlling or monitoring access to locations and events.

Benefits Include:

  • Positively identify persons and easily control or monitor access to locations, events, etc.
  • Configurable Enrollment: iris, face, finger, biographic, demographic collection
  • Enrollments can be easily screened against local or remote biometric databases
  • Web-Based Adjudication: grant or revoke access
  • Fully Watchlist-Capable: screen for persons of interest and keep them out
  • Highly Scalable: applicable for both small numbers of identities and multiple-millions of identities
  • Vendor-Independent Modular Architecture: simple integration of any additional required application-specific peripherals