Low-Profile Vehicle Body Armor


The Low-Profile Vechicle Body Armor system is donned by the user prior to or after entering a vehicle. The two-plate system provides excellent coverage from front, rear, and side high-level threats - including AP rifles - at a cost and weight much lower than up-armoring a non-tactical vehicle. The front armor plate covering incorporates apparel that simulates local garb. This conceals the armor and provides the appearance of a local national when worn.


  • Close to 3 times the covered area of front and back ESAPI (size small) plates
  • Higher than ESAPI-level protection, and has been safety tested by the US Army
  • Lighter and less expensive than full-vehicle armor
  • Weight is supported directly by the vehicle, not the user
  • Easily donned and removed without assistance
  • Provides an indigenous appearance
  • No vehicle prep required