ABL Shrapnel Shorts

ABL® Shrapnel Shorts provide protection to the user's genitals, groin, perineum, and adjacent areas and have pockets in critical areas for ballistic pads that provide enhanced, higher-level protection against fragmentation, shrapnel, dirt, and debris. Secure Planet’s latest product in the lineup, the ABL® Shrapnel Shorts - Gen II, has been selected by the United States Army in their latest Protective UnderGarment (PUG) solicitation.


The shorts are comprised of Kevlar® augmented with breathable mesh and optional flexible Enhanced Ballistic Inserts along the front inner leg to protect the femoral arteries. The pad pockets are easily inserted and removed, allowing the system to be rapidly reconfigured with alternate ballistic solutions. Flat seam construction minimizes chafing and the crotch is constructed to work in tandem with a ballistic groin protector. Different versions of the ABL® Shrapnel Shorts have various properties, tailor-made for our customers. These include:


  • Enhanced areas of protection integrated into base garment
  • No melt/no drip materials with optional full flame resistant (self-extinguishing) properties
  • Breathable, wicking, flexible, and supportive fabrics
  • Garment is machine washable with the removal of the ballistic pads
  • All materials are Berry Amendment compliant: sewn in the US with US materials

Part Number Description
SPABL-1B01 System: 3 pairs of ABL® Shrapnel Shorts Boxer-Briefs and 1 set of Ballistic Pads
SPABL-1B02 Individual Short (no Ballistic Pads)
SPABL-1B03 Replacement set of Ballistic Pads

For more information about Secure Planet's Shrapnel Shorts or to place an order, please call (571) 393-1777.

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