Low Profile/High Threat Body Armor

Wearing conventional body armor is cumbersome and may not project the right image. In some circumstances, it is often not worn at all - leaving critical areas of the body exposed.


The Low Profile/High Threat (LPHT) systems integrates a plate carrier worn under clothes to keep the critical areas of the chest protected against high level rifle-type threats.


A tailored jacket conceals soft armor panels at the rear and front that expand the area of protection against hand guns and other projectiles. These large panels are accessed through concealed zippers.


Various protection levels (NIJ IIIA, IBA, etc.) are available for both the soft armor and hard armor components. Please contact us with questions on options and configurations.


  • Provides critical base layer protection when worn without outer layer
  • Provides significant protection to the user without impinging comfort
  • Nearly undetectable even at conversational range
  • Can be tailored to offer protections levels meeting NIJ, MIL-spec, or other standards