Armored ACU (AACU)

The AACU is a modular, concealable Body Armor system design to be worn in place of ACU/BDU shirts. It combines high areal coverage with the low-profile exterior look of  a standard ACU.


  • Base coverage is 778 sq in, expandable to 1266 sq in using ancillary components
  • Concealable soft-armor systems increases the weight of the standard non-armored ACU shirt by only 6.6 lbs (size Medium, with 0.99 psf armor panels)
  • Full tactical system (with hard armor plates) weighs only 28.8 lbs heavier than non-armored ACU5-29 lbs (compared to IOTV's weight of 31.4 lbs)
  • Hidden armor panels meet IOTV standards for ballistic and fragmentation protection
  • Compatible with standard Interceptor auxiliary soft armor such as the Deltoid Protectors, Groin Protector, and OTV Yoke/Collar