Secure Planet is safeguarding the future with innovative products. Our mobile biometric verification and identification system provides critical protection to soldiers and civilians, allowing them to stay safe in ever-evolving high threat environments.

We are committed to providing innovative products that will forge our way to a more secure planet.

TacID Mobile

TacID Mobile is an application that enables one to many facial matching on iOS and Android platforms. With this application, phones and tablets are able to successfully match against millions of records without connectivity, depending on specific model features (RAM and storage space). If connectivity exists, the application is configurable to communicate with back-end servers for matching even larger databases, up to billions of records.

Secure Planet, has deployed the next generation of mobile facial recognition technology. Our patent-pending technology is centered on a cutting edge facial identification algorithm that greatly reduces template size, resulting in a better, faster and less expensive approach to facial matching. The system can be deployed as a stand-alone device or as an enterprise-wide solution. Other offerings associated with TacID Mobile include: backend matching, integration, operations and maintenance (O&M) and policy support. We have a staff of highly skilled engineers who can provide system customization, integration and user training.

Features & Benefits

  • Ability to search up to 4 million constrained/unconstrained face images on Android/iOS devices with no backend connection
  • Enrollment, identification and verification with no backend connection
  • Ability to capture and match faces from group photos and videos on the device
  • With a network connection, device can:
    • Sync and pull data from the backend server
    • Update watch-list information
    • Share data with other connected devices
    • Send photos to a 3rd party to confirm match/no match
    • Encrypted database and communication to backend
  • Configuration settings allow the operator to control:
    • Match threshold
    • Maximum matches
    • Maximum faces per frame
    • Minimum face size
    • Number of records synced


TacID Mobile is an application for commercial-off-the-shelf Android/iOS smartphones and tablets. The application allows operators in the field to rapidly enroll, identify and verify persons without ID documentation in a disconnected or connected environment. The application also allows operators to capture, process and identify persons from video with or without a network connection.
When connected to the TacID backend, the operator is able to search larger databases while performing watchlist creation and management.

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 Field Tests

The TacID Mobile Application recently completed tests with DHS and NY First Responders:
NY first responders train for critical incident response at Grand Central Terminal, test new tech

TacID Guard Dog

TacID Guard Dog is a watch and alert solution capable of monitoring and tracking multiple persons while instantly performing facial recognition against very large databases.

TacID Guard Dog is a watch and alert solution capable of monitoring and tracking multiple persons from one or more cameras (Webcam, IP or CCTV), while instantly performing facial recognition against very large databases. Guard dog was designed to address access control and watch list operating modes independently or in tandem. The access control mode indicates authorized users by visibly displaying and optionally triggering actions (e.g. audible sound alert). The watch list mode can search multiple databases. When operating in dual mode, subjects are first checked against watch lists then identified for access. Guard Dog supports configurable alerts and triggers upon facial recognition matches. The alert platform sends instant messages via SMS, email and/or displays visual and audible alerts. The action platform can trigger any Internet of Things (IOT) compliant device such as a door relay, or flood light, etc.

 Features & Benefits

  • Enrollment flexibility allows easy buildup of databases by simple drag-and-drop from still photos and videos.
  • Watch list management
  • Fifty (50) million record face recognition under 4 seconds on a single off-the-shelf PC.
  • Tracking and matching of multiple persons simultaneously in field of view.
  • Face recognition accuracy among leaders in NIST competitions (still images and face in video).
  • User defined operating modes (Access or Watch list control).
  • Configurable alert features including visual, audible, and SMS messaging.
  • Supports interactive and batch enrollment including any type of record metadata
  • State-of-the-art face matching algorithm robust to variations in resolution, illumination, pose, expression, occlusion, and background
  • Real time face recognition on multiple user defined watch lists.
  • Convenient and non-intrusive access control.
  • Supports simultaneous identification against watch lists and authorized personnel.
  • Ability to reuse existing camera and surveillance equipment.
  • Consistent user experience and deployment on Microsoft Windows, Linux and MAC based platforms.
  • Competitive pricing and distribution model.


Guard Dog is a solution for a multitude of use cases requiring identification of individuals in a watch list or convenient authorization of personnel for access including:

  • Non-intrusive access control (casinos, theme parks, sporting venues)
  • VIP recognition (hotels, restaurants, banking)
  • Tailored customer experience based on identity (retail, banking)
  • Child abduction search and rescue (public safety)

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TacID Workstation

TacID Workstation is large-scale facial recognition software that runs natively on Windows and Linux. The software allows an operator to create a database of millions of images on a single laptop and then drag-and-drop photos for searching against the database. Results are displayed in a gallery format. If the operator identifies a match, a match report can be created in PDF or HTML format.



TacID Workstation is drag-and-drop software for face matching based on a state-of-the-art facial recognition algorithm developed for use on constrained and unconstrained face images. TacID Workstation users can easily drag-and-drop probe images to get match results in seconds even with databases as large as 50 million faces. The user can specify the maximum number of candidates, minimum threshold similarity score and specific data to search within the database. Match candidates are displayed in order of decreasing similarity with similarity scores and a button for accessing relevant records. When satisfied, the user can press a button to generate a PDF match report that includes the original image, the probe face, a selected candidate match with the associated record, and relevant metadata.

 Features & Benefits

  • Client-Server system capable of operating with or without a network connection
  • Scalable: Multiple workstations, one server
  • Can be hosted on a local server or in the cloud and accessible using a thick client or web client
  • Easy to configure
  • Secure by default
  • User-friendly, powerful features
  • Multi-face results ordered by size
  • Easy to import existing data or add to databases on-the-fly
  • Users can drag-and-drop probe images and obtain match results on databases as large as 50M faces in seconds
  • Ability to search on metadata, filtering results based on record values or database
  • Server supports log tracking and auditing of each face matching episode, enabling a system administrator to view each match just as the user did
  • Capability to generate preliminary and detailed match reports in HTML or PDF format
  • Supports interactive and batch enrollment including any type of record metadata
  • State-of-the-art face matching algorithm robust to variations in resolution, illumination, pose, expression, occlusion, and background


TacID Workstation is an application for commerical-off-the-shelf Windows and Linux systems. The application allows operators to rapidly add individuals to the system and produce gallery results using a standard client/server architecture. The architecture allows one server to provide face matching to multiple client workstations.

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Face Recognition at a Distance

Secure Planet is pleased to offer solutions for facial recognition over a variety of distances. Our solutions are built around the state-of-the-art Rank One Computing facial recognition algorithm and can be deployed in hand-held or man portable modes depending on customer requirements. Facial extraction and matching from still imagery and videos, in a connected or disconnected environment and over a variety of distances, is available in either the hand-held or man portable modes.

Secure Planet offers long-distance facial recognition capability that can leverage facial images captured via still imagery as well as streaming video.  Distances range up to hundreds of meters away from the target(s).  Our capability satisfies a wide variety of use cases, including but not limited to dismounted/tripod-mounted operations, force protection via towers or airborne assets, and crowd scanning, which allows for automated tracking and extraction of faces, as well as real-time alerting to Watchlist hits.  The common design of the system enables Dismounted and Force Protection configurations; the only configuration adjustments are to the optics and atmospheric compression (ATCOM) parameters.

Similar to Secure Planet’s long-distance capability, our medium-range facial recognition products can process still camera and streaming video imagery.  Distances range up to a few hundred meters from the target(s).  In addition to dismounted and tripod-mounted options, we also offer a handheld capability.  This capability is well-suited to crowd scanning functions, and provides the same automated tracking and real-time alerting available on our long-distance platforms.  The common design of the system enables Dismounted and Force Protection configurations; the only configuration adjustment required is to the optics.

Facial Identification Examiner Training

Secure Planet, in partnership with Ideal Innovations Inc., offers Facial Identification Training for organizations that staff face examiners to supplement their automated face matching system. The curriculum is aimed at improving the skill sets of the analyst. The 5 or 10 day courses provide the examiner with necessary skills and strategies needed when conducting facial comparisons. This course is perfect for federal, state, local or commercial organizations that have facial recognition systems and who are performing facial comparisons.

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Rank One Computing

rank one

Rank One Computing is a U.S.-based company, and preferred partner of Secure Planet, providing software products and services for automated face recognition, face detection, and computer vision with a focus on accuracy, speed, and efficiency. Rank One’s primary offering is the ROC SDK™, which is deployed in over 10 countries, across several U.S. federal agencies, state and local law enforcement agencies, access control devices, and the financial technology sector.

While other commercial face recognition solutions are based on legacy techniques aimed at controlled capture face recognition scenarios, the ROC SDK implements nascent techniques born out of the academic literature into an efficient design that provides unparalleled performance with respect to faces “in the wild.”


Secure Planet, an I3 affiliated company, is a Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business headquartered in Arlington, Virginia.  Secure Planet comprises PMP certified personnel, senior biometric system developers, test engineers and subject matter experts with global deployment and operational expertise who provide solutions of the highest overall quality, security, and value to U.S. Government, industry and commercial clients. Secure Planet has demonstrated product-delivery success including 300+ Biometric Identity Verifiers (BIVs) to SPAWAR Atlantic and the sale of TacID Mobile, an Android and iOS based facial recognition application and TacID Workstation, a Windows and Linux based application, to the U.S. Government.

Secure Planet is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company with a Top Secret Facility Clearance. 95% of our employees have a U.S. Government security clearance.


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